Welcome to ACR AI-LAB™ Challenges

Participate in AI challenges across the ACR including the inaugural Breast Density Crowdsoucing Contest. Check back in for future challenges.

ACR SIIM Pneumothorax

A Kaggle competition for the best algorithm to identify pneumothorax was announced by SIIM and ACR at the SIIM 2019 Annual Meeting on June 26 and runs until September 4, 2019. Challenge participants will compete for 10 cash prizes totaling $30,000 by developing high quality pneumothorax detection algorithms. View more

Resident Mammography Challenge

A no coding required challenge for the best model to classify breast density images. Participants will annotate their own data, design and train their own AI models, and submit them to the leaderboard. Everyone is welcome to participate but only residents are eligible to win funding to RSNA 2019! Challenege ran Sept. 16th - Oct. 4th, 2019. View more

Breast Density Crowdsourcing Contest

A crowd-sourcing contest to compare classifications of breast density among an AI algorithm, a DMIST reader, and participants at ACR 2019 starting May 19th - 21st, 2019. View more