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Federated Learning

FL enables data from multiple institutions to be used for training artificial intelligence (AI) models without data leaving institutional firewalls. If you are interested in joining together with other healthcare organizations to create robust AI models through AI-LAB, please sign up to learn more.

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ACR Ophthalmology AI-LAB Collaboration

Working with ACR, members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) have developed use cases involving AI models in the ophthalmic domain for AI-LAB. These include models for automated detection of stages of diabetic retinopathy, different types of retinal findings, glaucoma, and infectious keratitis using a variety of imaging modalities. The AAO is grateful for this multi-disciplinary collaboration with ACR to include ophthalmic images into AI-LAB, and future efforts will include expansion of use cases and data sources.

AI LAB™ Ecosystem

The paper provides an outline and framework for the decisions, infrastructure, and steps involved in bringing AI into your organization. We encourage all interested parties to review the framework, including radiologists, data scientists and others in the radiology community with an interest in AI technology.

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